How To Schedule:

To schedule an appointment, please call 215-945-3139.  We will be happy to schedule your appointment. 

Please keep in mind that March-July and September-December are our busiest times.  If you are having a special event, you will need to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

We have a "Regular Service Program".  Appointments are typically scheduled in November for the upcoming year.  This helps ensure that our regular customers get the dates/times that are most convenient to them.  It's not a contract, but it helps us organize appointments in neighborhoods and makes one less thing for our customers to remember to do.  It works out great for everyone.

Schedule Now

Call now to make an appointment!

How To Prepare For Us:

There really isn't a lot for you to do before we come.  We ask that if you are having the inside of your windows cleaned, to pull up your blinds/shades.  If you have plants/picture frames/etc on your window sills, please take them off.  Other than that, there is no need to take down drapes or move furniture.

If you are only having the outside windows cleaned AND you have half screens (screens that only cover the bottom of the window) we ask that you take them out before we get there.  They can't be removed by us from the outside.

If you have an alarm, please remember that we are coming so that we don't set it off accidentally.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, PLEASE call us as soon as possible before we get there.  If you are not home for a scheduled appointment, we will do everything we can from the outside and leave a bill for at least our minimum charge of $150.00.

If you are having power washing done, please make sure that your windows are shut and locked and that your outside water faucets are on.

Payment Methods:

Payment is expected at the time service is completed.  Cash or check is accepted.  Credit will be extended if arrangements have been made prior to the service being completed.  If credit is extended, payment must be made in full within 10 days of our service.  A  5% per day late charge will be added for each day after the 10th day.  Our minimum charge is $150.00 per visit.